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Architectural Design

Where our architectural designers turn your aspirations into reality.

What is architectural design?

Professional architectural design ensures your home and its spaces are designed creatively with technological integrity to meet all your day to day practical and living needs whilst also ensuring your new improved home meets local authority requirements and modern construction standards. In short, we put the wow factor into construction.


We Plan Your Extension has developed a unique, refreshing and innovative approach to designing homes, a service tailor made to fit with our customers busy lives. Our highly trained team will accurately survey and creatively design every aspect of your new improved home.


The proposal will be designed to compliment and enhance your existing property, to lift the property and add real value in terms of space, function, aesthetics and hopefully, monetary value too. We work in clear set stages and milestones so that you know exactly what to expect from us, when to expect it and where your project is at any given time in the process.

Architectural Design Stages

Design Consultation

A friendly phone call to take your details, discuss your current home and your project requirements. We'll discuss the design possibilities, the process and how we will work with you to deliver your design project.


Once we've introduced ourselves we will put together our Detailed Proposal and Quotation and email this to you for your approval. Once accepted we'll arrange our on site survey.

Site Survey

Our surveyor will visit your property, take an internal and external detailed measured survey of the property, boundaries and the site, gathering accurate information including photographs as required for the project's success.

Existing Drawings

Our survey is passed to our architectural technicians who will convert the survey information into computer drawings accurately reflecting the existing property. We now have your home on our computers!


Your lead architectural designer will check the drawings against the survey documents and appraise the property against your initial design consultation, taking into account design feasibility, planning guidelines and construction factors.

Design Brief

Your lead designer will book a call with you to discuss your project aspirations, spatial requirements and aesthetic preferences, project budget and agree realistic and goal orientated design options taking into account Planning Permission criteria and essentially agree a design brief for us to work toward.


This is the fun bit as we love to design. Working from our agreed design brief, the existing drawings and survey, work begins on the proposed design. We'll sketch out design options to best meet your spatial and aesthetic preferences and once complete we will prepare our concept design to issue to you for input and comment.

Concept Design

Your lead designer will issue the concept design proposals to you and book a call to discuss every aspect. We'll walk you through the proposal discussing it in full and agree any revisions needed to further evolve the design.


Following our discussion and taking your comments on board we will evolve the design and revise the drawings to meet the agreed revisions. We'll set the drawings out and label these to planning permission standards to include location and site plans, existing and proposed floor plans along with exterior elevations.

Final Check

The design drawings are issued for final acceptance and once received we will proceed to the next stages where required, such as Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

Next Stage: Planning Permission

With an agreed proposed design in place we are ready to seek planning approval from your local authority. Whether the proposal is permitted development or requires a full planning application, gaining the correct planning consent is essential.

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