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Stage 3

Building Regulations

Our building and architectural technologists add all the technical detail for construction.

What are building regulations?

Building regulations set standards for the technical design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health for people in or about those buildings, to ensure the structural integrity of the buildings and to protect our environment, covering everything from electrics to drainage and from weather proofing to structure. It is a legal requirement to comply with building regulations when carrying out building work.


Our technical team will prepare the detailed construction drawings for your project. We will work alongside other professional consultants whom we will source for you such as structural engineers and SAP consultants to ensure your project fully meets all the requirements. Together, our construction drawings and full building regulations package will contain all the relevant information needed to ensure your project is completed to today’s highest building standards. 

Building Regulations Stages


A further discussion with you to confirm final details such as kitchen layout and heating systems etc.


Every project is different and requires specialist consultants to suit such as engineers, energy and drain specialists. We’ll confirm their fees to you and work with them to create the necessary solutions.

Detailed Drawings

We will prepare our detailed drawings which will contain information from foundation to floor details and roof construction to insulation specifications, including any necessary information received from the consultants.

Compile Package

We will prepare all the documents, drawings, specifications and application forms ready for submission. Before submission we will issue to you and the consultants for acceptance.


Acting as your agent we will submit your building regulations application to the council or to a private approved building inspector nominating you to pay the application fee.

Live Application

The application will now be assessed to ensure all documents and design work meet the current building standards. This is also a good time to put the package out to tender to local builders and tradespeople.


The application and full detailed package is approved and construction work including structure can start on site.

Next Stage: Construction

Like any proud homeowner, you will be investing time, money and thought into your project, therefore the choice of builder and tradespeople to deliver your new improved home is important. At We Plan Your Extension we have good connections with builders we trust and if you want, we can help with this process too. From connecting you with local builders to requesting tenders we are here for you.

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