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About Us

We Plan Your Extension is centered on delivering great design and architecture to every home in the UK. Our passion lies in creating the very best possible spaces for our customers to enjoy in their homes. Focusing solely on house and home design has provided us with the opportunity to evolve to become experts in designing wonderful homes, to achieving planning permission for household extensions and to achieving building regulations approval for the technical drawings that allow our designs to be built with ease by our clients' builders. The service we offer our customers is straightforward, transparent and professional whilst the designs we create for our customers’ homes are beautiful, creative and practical.

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Our founder Diarmuid Brophy started life on his parents farm in rural Ireland before coming to the UK to study Architecture. After graduating he spent many years in architecture practice working on varying projects from residential to retail and industrial to hospitality. Over time Diarmuid came to realise his true passion lay in designing homes, designing space for clients to live in simply proved more enjoyable than designing commercial projects for example. As Diarmuid puts it "We are emotionally attached to our homes, they are our happy and safe spaces for us and our family. It's always a real pleasure and a privilege to be invited to design these same spaces for our customers and doing so brilliantly will be our priority!"  


After many years of working in architecture practice and as a consultant to numerous high end home improvement companies, it became clear to Diarmuid that a majority of homes in the UK were being developed poorly and extended badly due to the inferior quality of design services on offer. Homeowners seem hesitant to turn to architects directly due to excessive professional fees, antiquated practice philosophies and poorly communicated professional jargon. As a direct result, Diarmuid felt, homeowners would instead turn to builders or even salesmen from over priced home improvement companies to fix and extend their homes, both options being void of any real professional design knowledge or expertise! This was a nationwide problem that needed addressing and in an effort to help tackle the issue head on, Diarmuid founded We Plan Your Extension in late 2018. Our main goal would be to offer high quality, transparent and affordable expert design services to homeowners and in so doing, bring great design and architecture to every UK home and home owner. 

Today our growing team of architects, architectural technicians, surveyors and engineers help to improve the design and architecture of customer's homes every single day, up and down the country.


Locations Covered

South West, Midlands,

South East, Greater London.

Based in Bristol & London,

planning extensions throughout the UK.


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